MyDigiSelf is the Decentralized Social Network of the FedEUR Co shareholders & DigiSelf NFT owners.
It is the next level of digital-self consciousness and of Digital Human Rights defense .
MyDigiSelf is the only way to be in today's Informational world and to earn from it.


Together in digital we are the content, the assets and all the BigData & AI fortunes !


We offer our Company Shareholding Constructor of Digital-Selves through a Decentralized Social Network of the owners and beneficiaries of their DigiSelf, all shareholders of a data-sovereign NFTs Company :  FedEur plc.


MyDigiSelf blockchain social network offers a revolutionary (web3) way to be the owner and the beneficiary of your digital-self as you are of your physical-self.

Free yourself from the bondage of the GAFAM & TikTok patronages and earn from the BigData  and AI economy !


Each subscriber of social network will receive her/his 1st company share of FedEur plc (blockchain token).

So the FedEur plc shareholders are exclusively those who are MyDigiself subscribers and therefore the owners of their DigiSelf NFT as well as of  the software and data of our social network.

In this way, your digital profile becomes a DigiSelf NFT with a value that will self-regulate together with the F€ share-token when our DigiSelf social network represents a critical mass of the human resource profiles .

The digital construction of the network ( guarantees its members the right to hold FedEur tokens within our tokenized blockchain company, while protecting them thanks to a token-based data exchange volume rating system.


The growing cost of ( Social Network is covered by the subscribing fee of 10 EUR/CHF and by the investements in the FedEur treasurery shares (F€ share.-token) granted by each shareholder.

The aquisition of F€ shares is limited by an investment-right token of our social network called DigiSelf, which rewards the social network activity and the Digital Human Rights support (Europolis Association, Geneva, CH) of each shareholder in order to regulate the F€ value as well as a deserved access to it and to the defense of the Digital Human Rights .

For all major FedEur company decisions each shareholder has an electronic vote right and weight equal to the number of his/her F€ shares through .



The Digital-Self Paradigm 

Human being is manifested in dual, but inseparable, modes: Body (Support) and Spirit (Information).

In the slavery era the human bodies were controlled and exploited in the interest of a minority that had life and death rights over them but kept them fed and alive to produce goods and services at low costs for the benefits of their owners.

In the era of social networks, a small minority has the ownership of our digital identities by exploiting our data without our agreement and benefit.

Gigantic profits are being made by using our Big Data not only for commercial reasons, but also to influence aspects of societies. 

The time has come to free our spirits from the digital data bondage, as much as the slavery abolition had freed the slaves from their exploiters.


Dan BOG, June 5th, 2021